News from the BCR office

We’re already a month in 2017 and as the overachievers that we are at the Bored Coast Records office, we’ve got a few updates to share with you!

-Starving Ghosts’ debut is one of our most popular releases, ever. This is pretty exciting, especially because we’re talking about a collection of improvisations. Grid City Magazine and Ride The Tempo also had pretty nice things to say about the project. Grab a PWYW download here.

-We released a reissue of some Off Season material earlier this year in the form of a digital release and a limited edition cassette. Grid City Magazine was pretty stoked about it. You can grab a download or a tape here.

-Saint-Jack was interviewed at CBC New Brunswick’s Shift earlier this month. During the interview, he hinted at two exciting things coming up this year; a show in March with some of our favorite people ever and a tour with dates in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, once again with some of our favorite people ever. We’ll share details soon! In the meantime, you can (and should) grab a physical copy of his debut EP, Birmingham over here. Also, Birmingham has been getting some airplay at CISM in Montreal, and it seems like the kids love Je te déteste, Fredericton.

-We’re going to give a second (and physical) life to albums which were only released online, through a new series we’re launching later this year. Get excited!

-Beard Springsteen is hard at work writing new songs. We’re talking about 25 songs in progress. The band will update you about this, with some upcoming dates later this winter. To help you waiting, they released a cover of Weird Paul’s Delusion of Grandeur you can stream and download for free here.

-We recently left albums by Beard Springsteen, Off Season and Saint-Jack at Taz Records in downtown Halifax. You can still buy our releases at Spin-It in Moncton and Backstreet Records and Second Spin in Fredericton. Bring a friend to the store with you.

-Some friends are also working on some really cool things. Get excited for shows by Fredericton’s hardcore supergroup Deep Fryer as well as some updates from bands we’ve been collaborating with.

BCR006: Starving Ghosts

What’s a week without a release? We uploaded Starving Ghosts‘ self-titled release today, a collection of instrumental ambiant, improvisations and cinematic pieces. Stream it below and grab a free download on Bandcamp!

Bored Coast Records releases “Une année à Halifax”, an anthology of the ambiant work of Off Season, available on January 13th

Happy 2017. We’re barely in the new year, but we already have a little something to share with everyone.

Stream and pre-order below:

Initially a pop outlet for the French songs of JE Sheehy (Beard Springsteen, The Trick, Saint-Jack, Deep Fryer), Off Season was also a playground for him to craft ambiant instrumental pieces which served as intros, outros and interludes to his work. These, with two unreleased tracks from an unreleased Off Season album, form the title track of this EP, stitched into a ten minutes piece. The B-Side, is a drone piece released online for Drone Day 2015.

From 2011 until 2015, Off Season released two full-length albums, several EPs and countless singles. While JE never played shows as Off Season, his work received attention from different media outlets who celebrated his pop hooks. In 2016, the project evolved into Saint-Jack, his new French outlet which released its debut EP, Bimingham.

Recorded in Fredericton from 2014 until 2016, Une année à Halifax will be released through Bored Coast Records on a limited edition of 15 mono cassettes and online, in stereo, on all the digital download/streaming platforms you can ever imagine.

Find out more about Off Season here and pre-order Une année à Halifax on Bandcamp.

Happy Holidays and such

What a year!

We launched the label in April. Since then we’ve:

-Released three official albums and one compilation
-Received media attention all over the world
-Sold music in Japan, France, United States, Canada… and Fredericton (Fredericton’s a nation, right?)
-Our roster has made end of year lists on Grid City Magazine and CBC Radio 1 (Shift NB)
-Beard Springsteen’s played 15 shows, including Sappyfest, No Funswick and some really cool opening slots all over New Brunswick
-Saint-Jack debuted some new songs in Miramichi, Moncton and Petit-Rocher

We’ve got a super limited edition tape coming out in January. We’ll keep you guys posted. The physical copies of Saint-Jack’s EP will also be ready by then.

Until then, we’re taking a few days off to get ready for the upcoming madness of 2017. Beard Springsteen’s got two shows coming up in the next weeks (Moncton on NYE + Fredericton on January 5th).

Happy Holidays, y’all!

Saint-Jack: Birmingham maintenant disponible / now available

Saint-Jack: Birmingham maintenant disponible

Le premier EP de Saint-Jack est maintenant disponible en téléchargement sur Bandcamp, via Bored Coast Records. Mené par JE Sheehy (Beard Springsteen), Saint-Jack livre de la chanson francophone tristounette, quelque part entre l’énergie du rock britannique et collégien des années 1990 et la mélancolie de Philippe B.

Birmingham fut enregistré à Fredericton par Dylan Ward (David in the Dark).

“… he now has a musical outlet to suit any emotional or musical need imaginable. We should all be so lucky.” – Grid City Magazine

Pour télécharger le EP et pré-commander le disque compact, on se rend sur Bandcamp:

Saint-Jack: Birmingham now available

Saint-Jack‘s debut EP is now available as a digital download on Bandcamp, via Bored Coast Records. Fronted by JE Sheehy (Beard Springsteen), Saint-Jack delivers sappy French songs, somewhere between the energy of 1990s British and college rock, and the melancholy of Philippe B.

Birmingham was recorded in Fredericton by Dylan Ward (David Ward)

“… he now has a musical outlet to suit any emotional or musical need imaginable. We should all be so lucky.” – Grid City Magazine

To download the EP and pre-order the physical version on CD, visit Bandcamp:

Saint-Jack, Graduation & Birmingham

(English follows)

Saint-Jack lance “Birmingham”
… la bande sonore du jour national du lendemain de veille, disponible le 5 novembre pendant les Aft’heures de la Francofête en Acadie


Saint-Jack aime écouter Avec pas d’casque entre deux disques de The Clash, et lire les paroles de Philippe B et des Replacements. Il fait de la chanson francophone, inspirée de son passé au sein de groupes punk rock, de son vécu dans les régions urbaines anglo-saxonnes des maritimes et comme Jack Kerouac, de son éternelle quête afin de trouver sa place sur un continent anglophone, dans le contexte de chansons mélancoliques.

Saint-Jack, c’est la bande sonore du jour national du lendemain de veille.

Saint-Jack est mené par JE Sheehy, finaliste aux concours de la chanson de la Nouvelle-Écosse (2004) et Caraquet (2005), et vétéran de la scène indépendante du Nouveau-Brunswick où il a fait sa marque en tant que leader de groupes punk et multi-instrumentiste doué.

Son premier EP, Birmingham, résume l’année qu’il a passé aux études supérieures, entre Fredericton et Halifax. Routier plutôt que casanier, mais douillet plutôt que vagabond, Saint-Jack a parfois le coeur brisé, souvent le pied à terre éphémère et toujours peur d’arriver au point B.

Le premier extrait, Graduation sert de condensé à douze mois entre les bancs d’écoles, les bras d’inconnues et le point culminant, assister à un concert de Shotgun Jimmie plutôt que de se déplacer pour la coalition des grades.

Enregistré à Fredericton au Nouveau-Brunswick par Dylan Ward (David in the Dark, Beard Springsteen), Birmingham sera disponible dès le 5 novembre via Bored Coast Records.

Spectacles de lancement:
5 novembre: Plan B (Moncton – *Aft’heures de la FrancoFête en Acadie 2016)
11 novembre: Bistro Coeur D’artishow (Petit-Rocher)


Saint-Jack launches “Birmingham”
… soundtrack to the national hangover day, available on November 5 during the Aft’heures of the Francofête en Acadie in Moncton

Saint-Jack likes listening to The Clash and Avec pas d’casque, The Replacements and Philippe B. He writes French songs, taking cues from his past life as a punk rock musician, his stay in the Maritimes’ English cities, and like Jack Kerouac, of his eternal quest to find his place on this English continent, throughout a series of sappy French songs. Saint-Jack is the soundtrack to the national hangover day.

Saint-Jack is fronted by JE Sheehy, participant in songwriting contests of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and member of several bands (The Trick, Beard Springsteen, and a bunch of other acts – you know the drill!) in New Brunswick’s independent music scene.

Saint-Jack’s debut EP, Birmingham, sums up the year he spent in grad school, between Fredericton and Halifax. Saint-Jack prefers being on the road to staying home, but he’s like a cozy version of The Littlest Hobo, for whom the world is one big pied-à-terre, with a constant fear of reaching his destination.

Graduation, the first single, tells the story of twelve months spent sitting behind a school desk, hanging out in strangers’ arms and as a climax, skipping the graduation ceremony to go to a Shotgun Jimmie concert.

Recorded in Fredericton, New Brunswick, by Dylan Ward (David in the Dark, Beard Springsteen), Birmingham will be available on October 28, through Bored Coast Records.

Release shows:

November 5: Plan B (Moncton – *Aft’heures de la FrancoFête en Acadie 2016)

November 11: Bistro Coeur D’artishow (Petit-Rocher)

Bored Coast Records & family sampler

Festival (506) starts today and for the occasion, we’ve put together a sampler of bands who either;

-Are part of the Bored Coast Records roster;
-Have played with BCR bands;
-Are friends of ours;
-Have saved our butts before!

We’ll be distributing a limited edition postcard throughout the weekend with a link to the listen to the sampler! Can’t make it to the ‘Chi? Stream the whole thing here!