Beard Springsteen’s new album (and our second release!) is now available! Here’s how to get yourself a copy and help us keep that shirt on our back.

-Digital + CD, on Beard Springsteen’s Bandcamp page. We ship worldwide!

-At Beard Springsteen’s next two shows: August 18: Spin It, with Cellarghost, Right Shitty and Balaclava (Moncton) and September 30: The Capital Complex, with BA Johnston and Outtacontroller (Fredericton)

-In Fredericton, at Backstreet Records and Second Spin, and in Moncton at Spin-It.

-In person. Just drop us a line and we’ll hook you up!

You can also stream and buy the EP on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and most of the other streaming services and digital music stores.

BCR001: the cassette reissue of Beard Springsteen’s Downer Punks of Fredericton demo is also available on Bandcamp, at the band’s next two shows, at Backstreet Records and Second Spin in Fredericton, and of course, in person.

Buy music. Champion a band. Eat pizza.