We’re already a month in 2017 and as the overachievers that we are at the Bored Coast Records office, we’ve got a few updates to share with you!

-Starving Ghosts’ debut is one of our most popular releases, ever. This is pretty exciting, especially because we’re talking about a collection of improvisations. Grid City Magazine and Ride The Tempo also had pretty nice things to say about the project. Grab a PWYW download here.

-We released a reissue of some Off Season material earlier this year in the form of a digital release and a limited edition cassette. Grid City Magazine was pretty stoked about it. You can grab a download or a tape here.

-Saint-Jack was interviewed at CBC New Brunswick’s Shift earlier this month. During the interview, he hinted at two exciting things coming up this year; a show in March with some of our favorite people ever and a tour with dates in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, once again with some of our favorite people ever. We’ll share details soon! In the meantime, you can (and should) grab a physical copy of his debut EP, Birmingham over here. Also, Birmingham has been getting some airplay at CISM in Montreal, and it seems like the kids love Je te déteste, Fredericton.

-We’re going to give a second (and physical) life to albums which were only released online, through a new series we’re launching later this year. Get excited!

-Beard Springsteen is hard at work writing new songs. We’re talking about 25 songs in progress. The band will update you about this, with some upcoming dates later this winter. To help you waiting, they released a cover of Weird Paul’s Delusion of Grandeur you can stream and download for free here.

-We recently left albums by Beard Springsteen, Off Season and Saint-Jack at Taz Records in downtown Halifax. You can still buy our releases at Spin-It in Moncton and Backstreet Records and Second Spin in Fredericton. Bring a friend to the store with you.

-Some friends are also working on some really cool things. Get excited for shows by Fredericton’s hardcore supergroup Deep Fryer as well as some updates from bands we’ve been collaborating with.