Fuzz Fiction



Like New Brunswick, Fuzz Fiction brings together French and English inside of its working class cities and the backroads of its northern towns, while maintaining ambition and urgency as its final destination. By delivering its psychedelic rock jams with a punk intention, the Moncton band creates the soundtrack for a late night gathering in a camp lost in the woods as well as a loner’s walk along the train tracks before dawn.

Fronted by dual guitarists Jean-François Paulin and Scott Beaulieu, with the strength of the rhythm section built by Chris Morrison (bass) and Alexandre Tremblay (drums), Fuzz Fiction’s music is a rendez-vous between the wall of sound of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s and the first singles of Joy Division, in the middle of Moncton’s downtown.

By paying attention to the details of its aesthetics and its love of all things D.I.Y., Fuzz Fiction’s live show gives the punks a reason to dance, the Acadians a reason to get together and the hipsters a reason to challenge themselves.



Five song sampler (April 2017) 

Selected press

Astheure: Du Post-Punk en Acadie? (June 28 2016)
CKUM FM: entrevue (17 juin 2016)
Nerdist: Bandcamping: Perfect Tunes For a Long Weekend (May 27 2016)

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