Like A Greyhound: Bored Coast Records & family sampler

We’re lucky enough to be counting on a fantastic roster of talented and heartwarming bands, as well as countless friends who either playing amazing music, have shared the stage with Bored Coast Records bands or have saved our butts before. Here’s a sampler we’ve put together to make you discover these bands. L’union fait la force, the more the merrier. Stream it, love it, bring it home.

Did you find out about this sampler by picking up our limited edition postcard? Let us know!


(* = pals of Bored Coast Records)

1. Young Satan In Love – Wing Night Baby
2. Beard Springsteen – Bored at the ECMAs
3. Bike Thiefs – Redlines*
4. Cellarghost – Black Money*
5. Fossil Cliffs – I Never Thought You Would*
6. Kill Chicago – The Kill*
7. David in the Dark – Maisey*
8. Saint-Jack – Pyrotechnicienne (acoustic demo)
9. Eastcoast Love Story – On The Road*
10. Fuzz Fiction – Christine
11. Thee Requiems – Dead End Love Line*
12. Right Shitty – 1000*
13. Deep Fryer – Freddy Beach Bums*
14. Hospital Grade – Co_Pachuuh_Coah (Live at CFMH)*
15. The Poolhall Riots – After Hours*
16. Property// – Rip Tide (Old Salt)*
17. The Trick – Avalanche (All Your Bass Mix)*
18. Jane Blanchard – 56*
19. Penny Blacks – Thumbtypists*
20. Brookside Mall – Palindrome*
21. Off Season – Civil War 2016
22. Shushed – Perfect Lines*
23. Bold Nonsense – Darkness on the Edge of Rideau Street